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Satin vert


In addition to her operatic career, Magali Simard-Galdès is an expert in sustainable development, speaker, and consultant specializing in the cultural sector. She shares her expertise through a variety of formats, including hosting workshops, roundtables and conferences. Her talks cover a wide range of sustainability topics, offering insightful perspectives and practical solutions for individuals and organizations looking to integrate more environmentally friendly practices into their daily lives.

As a sustainable development consultant, Magali stands out for her specialization in the cultural sector. She works closely with artists, cultural organizations, festivals and businesses in the artistic world to help them reduce their environmental footprint, adopt eco-responsible practices and contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable cultural industry.


She obtained her master's degree in sustainable development management at HEC Montréal, where she developed a deep passion for creating sustainable solutions for the environmental and social challenges facing our society.


Since fall 2022, this committed woman has also made her voice and comments heard as an environmental columnist on ICI premiere on the show Feu Vert.

Feuilles vertes



Diagnosis and recommendations on eco-responsibility practices


Animation of workshops, round tables and conferences.



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